Michael Dubin



Michael Dubin

Michael Dubin grew up in Long Island and then moved to Baltimore, Maryland in the mid-nineties for college. He was always known as "that band guy," but oddly enough he was never in a band. While living in Baltimore, he spent weekends traveling to Washington DC, Long Island or NYC to see new & old friends play. He loved music...flirting with the lyrics, the crowds and the scene.


His interest in music, as well as his prime stage realty, drove him to pick up his first camera. Since then, he has toured with and photographed bands like The Get Up Kids, Dashboard Confessional, Rival Schools, Reggie and the Full Effect, Seafood, Glassjaw, Taking Back Sunday, Hot Rod Circuit and many more. This further secured his spot on stage capturing the band and ensuring each word sung and guitar chord played would make them look like the rock stars they are. 

But his love for music and his friends did not stop with the click of the shutter. In 1999 he started Fadeaway Records with two friends. During the label's initial 3-year run, they had 8 releases. These included the first Movielife and Miracle of 86 records, a split with Brand New and Safety in Numbers and a comp with unreleased tracks from the likes of New Found Glory, The Get Up Kids, Hot Rod Circuit, Glassjaw and Reggie and the Full Effect. Dubin has been an early supporter of many bands developing out of the NY area, including Brand New and Taking Back Sunday. Fadeaway Records relaunched in 2013 as a non-profit label. Each project is associated with a different charity and 100% of the proceeds from each release are donated to the cause.

More recently Dubin has worked as a record label A&R scout. He started Dubin, Inc, an imprint that released two Kevin Devine albums in conjunction with Triple Crown Records. In the early 2000’s he could also be found on K-Rock in New York City, where he produced and hosted a local music show for 6 years. That "band guy", who first became involved by letting his touring friends crash on his dorm room floor in college, now helps his friends and the music he loves get local and national exposure.